Monday, August 10, 2009

The Pure View of Awareness

Awareness is equally present in all perceptions; it is open, spacious and entirely expansive. It can’t be limited in any way. There is the pure view of awareness, and within awareness all points of view appear. The term “points of view” includes everything: thoughts, emotions, sensations and all other experiences. No matter what name we might give to thoughts, emotions, sensations and other experiences, they are points of view appearing within the pure view of awareness.

Although there are a great many different points of view that do not agree among themselves, ordinary present awareness is directly pervading every moment of the here-and-now, a continuous stream of unending naked seeing. Naked seeing and the one who is seeing are inseparable. Hey, you here, now you have called off the search, thus this is the beginning with respect to yourself exactly as you are, just like this.

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